Look Ma, No Hands!

At many a tailgate, Auburn fans run into the inevitable problem of not having enough hands. Between shaking hands, shaking shakers, enjoying a Tiger Tonic, and holding a plate; our anatomical limits of the human condition are quite unfortunate. Luckily, some wise Walter/Wanda has created 'The Go Plate' to enable fans to consolidate their 'handy' activities. While eating, the plate stays in place on top of your bottle, can, or Solo cup! (However, do not try to drink with the plate on top or you will end up with a whole other problem--- on the front of your shirt.) No longer will you worry about whose plate is whose, or setting down your drink to hold your food. The plates can also be run through the dishwasher and used repeatedly; a quality investment to make your tailgate top-notch! Slow clap for the inventors of this wonderful Gameday gizmo!

(http://www.kegworks.com/the-go-plate-reusable-food-beverage-holder-1035-p173491?source=linkshare&siteID=41LEbfsPE6c-3T4Yi.xXPaVw33Mt3gNGBg&= )

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