Copy Cats! (Pun Intended)

This week Auburn will face the Clemson Tigers on Saturday at 11 CT. There is no coincidence that this 'Auburn of the East' shares the same mascot. As a graduate of Auburn University, Walter Merritt Riggs went on to become the President of Clemson University from 1910-1924. Under Riggs' guidance, Clemson formed a football team and chose the mascot of the glorious fearsome Tiger. Speculation arises if the Clemson players really chose the Tiger as their mascot, or if Riggs' Auburn allegiances were reflected in the decision. Regardless, this weekend the original Auburn Tigers will fight on fearless and true; hopefully for a victory for the orange and blue!

If you are attending the game, here is a guide to Clemson Game Day from the host of Clemson's "Tiger Pregame Show":

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