Keep Your Tailgate Below The "Mason" Dixon Line

Here in the South, traditions run deeper, fans get louder, and college football is a way of life. But as Adrian Karsten of ESPN said "football in the South is one thing, football at Auburn is something else." In elaborate exhibitions of tailgating, Auburn fans have become well-known for their spectacular set-ups, tantalizing tailgate treats, and awe-inspiring Auburn enthusiasm. Why not add to your impressive AU tailgate by incorporating a traditional Southern standard? The Mason jar. Whether you use mason jars to organize napkins, cutlery, and shakers; or serve Auburn's traditional Toomer's lemonade as a tailgate refreshment, Mason jars add Southern class to any Auburn tailgate while providing eye-catching organization as well. If you want to "Cam Newton" the concept (if you will) try making pies or chili in Mason jars to provide your fellow tailgaters with delicious treats within easy storage! (Mason jars is to Ziplock containers, as Auburn is to Alabama.) So here's to you and your tailgate! May you represent the AU family and its reputation well! War Eagle!

Pie in a Mason Jar

12 – Half-Pint Wide-Mouth Mason Jars
3 – 9-inch Pie Crusts (double that if you’re making a pie that needs crust on top)
Pie Filling (use your favorite pie recipe- I prefer pumpkin

-Wash and dry the Mason Jars.
-Cut the pie crust into quarters. You’ll use 1/4 of each pie crust for each jar.
-Press the piece of pie crust into the jar, completely covering the sides and reapplying excess crust as needed.
-Fill the jar with your pie filling and top with crust if needed.
-Bake your pies according to the recipe. (No variation in cook time is needed from a 9-inch pie to the Pies in a Jar, but keep an eye on them to be safe!)
-Once they’re ready, just let ‘em cool and cap them to take to your tailgate!

Chili with Cornbread In a Mason Jar

Make/Buy your favorite chili and scoop it equally into the jars. Mix up your cornbread batter and spoon it on top of the chili in jars. Bake you cornbread as you would for the recipe (or until a toothpick comes out clean). Then screw on the jar tops and serve! For a tailgate, you could easily heat up the morning of and keep inside a 'hot bag' or insulated basket until time to eat!

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  1. What a great idea, do you actually bake the chili in the jars???