You Say Goodbye, and I say Hello

Now that I have recovered (somewhat) from the heartbreak of this football season, my thoughts include less #$*&(@*(^$^ and a little more clarity.
"To everything there is a season," and this one just wasn't ours. However, that statement becomes harder to grasp as our Bama neighbors to the north seem to defy this sentiment, as of late. (But we must remember what Saban's name sounds very similar to.... think pitchfork and extreme heat).

Despite those elephants being in the room, the more obvious (polite, less stinky, and all around better) elephant, is the fact that Auburn let Gene Chizik go. I don't use the term 'fired,' because any man who has helped shape the Auburn football program like Gene did, should not be associated with the negative connotations associated with being fired. I understand the reasoning, and whether I agree with it or not, what's done is done. Although I questioned his initial hiring, I will forever respect and support Gene Chizik and all he did for the Auburn Family and football program.

As we say goodbye to Gene, we say, "Welcome home!" to Gus-Gus Malzahn. I couldn't be more excited! A decent and respectable man (with no neck braces and 25-year-olds in his closet), I think he was the perfect choice. Plus, Bo Jackson sat on the selection committee, and we all know that, "Bo Knows."

With many changes occurring in our football program, 2013 looks to be a fresh start. Cheers to a new year! War Eagle now and always!

"It was my privilege to work the Auburn - Georgia game. When you see men and women shedding tears during the Tiger Walk, that is what college football is all about. As I made the turn in the Tiger Walk, and the band was there, well, if you can't get yourself up for a football game at that point, then something is wrong. When I walked toward the locker room, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life....football in the South is one thing., football at Auburn is something else." -Adrian Karsten from ESPN

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