The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry

Three cheers for Auburn on their victory this past weekend! As Saturday approaches, I can't help but feeling nauseous as the Georgia Bulldogs will travel to Jordan Hare. The "Deep South's Oldest Rivalry," this game dates back to 1892 at Piedmont Park in Atlanta (when the "War Eagle" legend supposedly began). With 115 games played almost every year since 1898 (with the exceptions of WWI and WWII), Auburn leads the series with a 54–53–8 record. Let's hope our Tigers show up to play on Saturday. Weagle Weagle, War Damn Eagle! 
1895 AU vs UGA - Piedmont Park

"It's a unique thing. It's like playing against your brother. I don't think anybody who plays in that game can ever forget it. It just doesn't matter much where it's played or what somebody's record is. It's so intense and tough, but at the same time, it's family."
— Pat Dye on AU vs UGA

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