Deep South's Oldest Rivalry

Today is the day! 'The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry' is the title given to the football rivalry between Auburn and UGA. The first showdown between the Tigers and Bulldogs occurred on February 20, 1892 at Piedmont Park in Atlanta; Tigers pulling out a win with the score 10-0. Auburn and UGA have played almost every year since 1898 except when World War I and World War II prevented games from being played. Despite the long rivalry, UGA and Auburn have never played each other in an SEC Championship game. After 114 games, Auburn holds a 54-52-8 lead. Today the Tigers will take on the Bulldogs between the hedges at 3:30 EST. So crack open a cold one and grill up some hot 'dawgs!' Cheers to an Auburn victory!

Weagle Weagle War Damn Eagle! Kick 'em in the Butt Big Blue! Hey!

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