Auburn Christmas

The day after Halloween, Target donned all of their Christmas decorations throughout the store. Call me a Scrooge, but there are two important events that shouldn't be fast-forwarded through between Halloween and the Christmas season; Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl. However, for many of you preemptive Christmas crazies, November 1st starts your holiday season with decorations, Christmas tunes, and bad holiday driving. If you are already trimming your tree and drinking egg nog, check out these great hand-painted ornaments offered by the Atlanta Auburn Alumni Club that raise money for the Roy B. Sewell Memorial Scholarship Fund. While I may not agree with your early holiday hulabaloo, I do believe that buying an ornament to help out a future Tiger is what the holiday season is all about. To purchase an ornament, email: communications@atlantaauburnclub.org . May all your Christmases be orange and blue! War Eagle!

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