"Let Me See Ya Grill"- You Wanna See Me What? : Grilling Etiquette

Not all tiger fans have the gumption to grill at their tailgate. Frequently the manual labor of transporting and setting up a grill deters the faint of heart who do not thrive of on a good charcoaled meat. For the rest of us who love a good game day burger (reference previous blog posts for recipe suggestions), just as there are rules on the field, there are rules of the grill. Don't get a penalty this Game day by not following your grilling etiquette!

Grilling Etiquette
- Do not assume someone will bring lighter fluid and charcoal. If you plan to grill, bring your own just in case.
- Never ever flip, remove, or tamper with someone else's meat on the grill. Just as you wouldn't tamper with an artists pallet- don't tamper with a barbequer's masterpiece.
- Not everyone likes their burgers still mooing or black as night- try your hardest to grill in order to please the request of your fellow tailgaters.
- Although it's easy to get caught up in conversation, games, and tailgating; make sure uncooked meat is not left out of a cooler. Nothing worse than food sickness to ruin your Game day.
- "Only you can prevent forest fires." If you dispose of your coals and ashes near your tailgate, make sure to bring enough water to be certain all flames are out.

Happy Grilling!

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