Tailgating Tots!

Here in the South, football fans start out at a young age (as you can see, I was one of these lucky kids). Although it may seem tricky to incorporate young Tigers into your tailgate plans, it is actually quite simple. Just remember the 3 F's: Fingerfoods, Fun, and Football. Any snacks that incorporate these three things will definitely be a hit to any Tailgate Tot.

Wrap juice boxes in construction paper to look like footballs!

Make a tupperwear 'lunch' for each child to make snack travel easy and organized. If you have a veggie tray at your tailgate, fill a cup with dip at the bottom and fill with vegetables for easier access to tiny Tiger hands.

While tailgates might not always be the most interesting experiences for younger fans, a little planning can make it more enjoyable for you and them. At home, print out black and white pictures of Tigers or Eagles that can be colored. If a game will be watched at the tailgate, bring some sour and sweet candies. When the other team scores, give out a sour candy. When Auburn scores, they get a sweet candy! This will involve them in the game to allow you both to watch together.

Auburn Football is so much better with Friends AND Family, so welcome your little Tiger friends to a tailgate they can also enjoy!

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