Cooler Corn!

Nearly anyone can pull off making a dip or two for a tailgate, finger foods, and some grilling. However, few people possess the knowledge of the 'Cooler Corn' phenomenon. Although 'cooler corn' might be more well known as a camping treat, it would be a most impressive addition to any AU tailgate lineup!

Cooler Corn

(Obviously make sure you are using a clean cooler)
-Place washed and shucked ears of corn (no specific # required)
-Pour two kettles of boiling water over the corn
-Close lid and leave for 30 minutes
Ta da! You have perfectly cooked corn on the cob! In the case of tailgating, you could easily pour the boiling water on at home and then transport the cooler to your tailgate spot. The corn remains warm and ready to eat for several hours as long as the cooler remains shut! Wow your friends and family with this bit of culinary genius, and offer a different tailgate treat from the normal Gameday grub!

(Thanks to my brother for this post idea!)

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